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Discuss Updated This Soviet machine can be best described as a mix of two different vehicles. If you combine the turret of the T with the hull of the T , you’ll have the T First Prototype. Read more below and find out how to tame this beast! Gameplay The T First Prototype’s strong hull is able with withstand a lot of fire, especially from other medium tanks. Additionally, the strong side armour can be used for side-scraping, if the situation allows it. The turret can take some punishment as well, but it’s far from impenetrable — don’t rely too much on it. If your turret takes a hit, it’s likely that your ammo rack will get damaged. If you have some teammates behind you, and if there’s a good chance of you being able to defeat the enemy, take the initiative and attack first.

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Ares Zax Unfortunately, if their goal is to get every player to a I proposed that two changes be made to rectify this: Losing tiers starts at Diamond rank, not Ruby. This way everyone will truly be where they belong. So 3 weeks into the season, everyone will be where they deserve to be and bouts of lucky streaks and unlucky streaks will not occur.

World of Tanks T first prototype – 10 Kills 7,3K Damage. World of Tanks T first prototype – 10 Kills 7,3K Damage. On March 29, By hatefull. Subscribe for more replays! Submit your replays at: [email protected] – check ‘About’ for more details.

Authored by Staff Writer. After the end of World War 2, the Soviet military had officially replaced their war-winning T Medium Tank series with the T family. These were then upgraded with NBC protection and a slew of other features to become the T series a short time later, intended to counter the new, interim American developments. To fit the new armament, the base T had her hull lengthened and given an all-new turret assembly designed specifically for a high-velocity smoothbore mm main gun – the U-5TS 2A20 “Rapira”.

This weapon was of particular note for it marked the first time a production combat tank had been given a “smoothbore” barrel – to this point, all combat tanks fielded a rifled barrel, the Soviet direction proving a major upgrade to the mm rifled main gun being fielded by the new American M The new Soviet tank was christened the “T ” and production of the type resulted in deliveries occurring in July of For all intents and purposes, the T was more or less a further upgrade of the T itself with the T still serving as the “true” starting point for the family.

As such, the type delivered roughly the same utilitarian appearance of its originator as well as the follow-up modification. The tank sported a low-profile design with a center-fitted turret emplacement. The glacis plate was very shallow and well-sloped for excellent point ballistics protection. The sides were dominated by the track system encompassing five road wheels to a hull side. The drive sprocket was held at the front with the track idler at the rear.

Like the T and T before it, the T lacked any track return rollers along the upper track region.

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The first prototype of the Obiekt left the factory No. Though suffering from teething problems, the new tank was accepted for service in the Soviet Army April 29, and its production began in Nizhny Tagil in the same year, then in Kharkov in Around T were built until To distinguish it from later versions, the first model of the T was later renamed T and T model It has a turret reminiscent of the T s, with prominent, undercut shot traps.

This example has the fender machine gun boxes replaced with fuel tanks.

May 10,  · GW2 PvP Season 3 will start next week with some changes to amulets and balances. A message from the PvP Team: Hi all, PvP League Season 3 is just around the corner, and with that we’d like to let you know about a few upcoming PvP amulet changes.

I discuss the importance of flexing to prevent a flank from collapsing and the arguments against capping too early instead of pressing an advantage. Holding the high ground provides the following benefits: T Review, Contributing When Bottom Tier I discuss how to meaningfully contribute as a bottom-tier medium tank, with footage from a tier 10 Serene Coast battle in my T That said, even with a low penetration gun, by carefully watching the minimap and being opportunistic, I was able to make a solid contribution.

Additional Comments props to the STB-1 driver ahmechanic2 who played very well throughout the battle at 4: I have a tendency to be chatty during matches, and sometimes it screws me up. The mistake is that when I started pulling back, I stayed too close to the rocks on my left — as a result I a created a bigger gun depression challenge in terms of getting my gun down on the target.

You can see that I start wiggling just to the right of the rock a bit, but realized I was taking too much time and lost the opportunity. I discuss and make two common mistakes: I also demonstrate how to leverage the terrain on hill to safely fire on target s while minimizing exposure to snipers in their base. The T thrives in flatland and does better aiming up at targets. You want to avoid situations where you have to crest a hill to fire on a target that is already pre-aiming at you.

Today, I discuss the responsibility of playing a beefy top-tier heavy, in terms of acting as a meat shield and playing aggressively, especially when your team is behind. The E has a fantastic armor layout that enables you to bounce a lot of incoming shots with proper angling.

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When are you shipping? The short answer is: The long answer is:

– visualize game mechanics and models. World of Tanks PC, Blitz and Console. Official website.

Relatively cheap compared to other Tier 8 premium tanks Cons: Very low ammo capacity 34 rounds , just like the Type 59 Poor acceleration and top speed Poor reverse speed Mediocre gun depression Low penetration gun same as other Tier 8 medium tanks The T First Prototype, is basically an up armored T medium tank. It has better frontal armor compared to the T , mm for the T first prototype and 90mm for the T Turret armor the T first prototype is better than the T , mm and mm respectively.

The upper glacis is mm sloped at 60 degrees, giving you mm effective armor. The lower glacis is sloped at 45 degrees, giving you mm effective armor. The turret is well armored and the cupola is small and difficult to snipe. The closer you get to your enemies or at a lower elevation than them , the more you reduce your more vulnerable lower glacis. Despite its great armor, the offensive capabilities of this tank are limited; Having only mm of penetration on its AP shells makes it almost impossible to penetrate higher tier opponents frontally, and even sometimes struggling against the side armors of some vehicles.

T54 Prototype

It was an advanced further developed version of the Renault NC light tank which in turn was a development of the venerable Renault FT. In its time, there were many projects of self-propelled guns on Renault FT chassis and the D1 factory designation Renault TY was to share this fate of becoming a plaform for various other projects.

In a project was proposed to arm the Renault TY chassis with some sort of 82mm gun. What gun exactly that was is not known, but such caliber was not used by the French army normally. The chassis itself was not changed much and the gun was mounted facing to the rear of the vehicle. This allowed the chassis to carry a much bigger gun than it usually could and it wasn’t really that big a problem tactically – the vehicle was supposed to be firing from dug-in positions anyway with the driver not being present inside the hull at the same time.

How? T – 54 first prototype, Garage slot and 10 missions: x5 XP for victory cost 22, 30 days of premium 10 euros, and the rest is free.

Monday, 29 April Prototype KVs Despite the superiority of the KV over any other tank in armour and armament in , the Soviet Union did not stop developing heavy tanks. Intelligence about thick armour and high penetrating guns of the potential enemy led to bigger and better tanks being developed. Unlike the later tank with that same name, this was essentially a slightly better KV-1, with 90 mm of armour and an improved F gun early KV-1s had the L gun. The KV-3 also had a commander’s cupola.

However, the thick armour increased the tank’s mass to 51 tons, which was too much for the engine. Regardless, the vehicle passed trials. Only one was built before the war. It was lost in battle defending Leningrad with the rd Tank Brigade. This tank is also known as “first KV-3”, or T The only immediately apparent difference between this and the KV-1 is the presence of a commander’s cupola.

KV-3 Object with the F In , an electromechanical transmission was developed, but never built. KV-3 Object was the most impressive of the lot, with up to mm of sloped armour, and a mm ZiS-6 gun.

T-54 First Prototype Available on EU

Tier 5 – T History: The bad experiences from the initial attack on the Soviet Union and the first encounters with the enemy T ‘s – and thus the need to introduce a new medium tank quickly led the German army to look for alternative solutions. At the same time, another team was working on an even heavier vehicle, the T

According to one source, the first prototype was built at the end of However, some other sources mention another date—January The tank underwent trials in March and April , but never entered mass production.

Very low ammo capacity 34 rounds Poor acceleration and top speed Relatively low HP Very poor AP shell penetration Performance In short, the T First Prototype is effectively a T with increased armor and hit points at the expense of mobility and speed, or a Type 59 with reduced turret armor and penetration, increased upper hull plate and gun soft stats, and full matchmaking.

It makes up for its lack of speed and penetration with thick frontal armor, allowing it to effectively nullify many guns with less than mm of penetration, making this tank extremely dangerous at top tier. The upper hull plate thickness is mm, but the angling gives it an effective thickness of over mm at its weakest point, while the lower frontal plate of the same thickness gives around mm of effective thickness.

With even a slight angling, the upper plate’s effective thickness increases to mm, while the lower plate can reach mm, making it impossible to penetrate without the use of gold rounds for many Soviet vehicles using the mm guns, and nearly all tier 6 vehicles. The only actual weak spot is the turret, with the mantlet having mm of thickness with no armor behind it, a low-profile cupola located at the left side of the turret, and the roof, which is only 15mm thick, and can be shot at a downward angle from taller tanks such as the Tiger II, M6, and KV Needless to say, its armor is virtually useless against most tier 9 and 10 vehicles that it faces on a regular basis, so a less aggressive play style is advised as a bottom-tier.

Despite its great armor, the offensive capabilities of this tank are limited; Having only mm of penetration on its AP shells makes it almost impossible to penetrate higher tier opponents frontally, and even sometimes struggling against the side armors of some vehicles. Thankfully, its Damage Per Minute is slightly above average, and its APCR shell has a decent penetration of mm, which can frontally penetrate most weak spots and side armor. Additionally, its premium vehicle status can help offset the credit cost of premium shells.

It should be noted that this tank can only carry a total of 34 shells, so running out of ammunition is a possibility. The mobility is somewhat below average compared to other tier 8 medium tanks, but hull and turret traverse speeds retain a favorable speed, making it competitive at close-range brawling. While it cannot circle around most heavy tanks without sustaining a few hits, it can easily bring its gun around against light tanks.

While the view range on this tank is relatively poor at meters, its camouflage value is decent, which makes scouting somewhat viable with the use of concealment. In conclusion, for a relatively cheap premium tank at tier 8, this is an excellent vehicle.

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I’m glad I can now finally finish posting them. Another variant that I started working on but was unable to finish was the Me C-3a, which featured an extra rocket engine in the tail for short speed boosts. Due to limitations with the game’s engine I was unable to get this system working, if it becomes possible in the future tho it will be added to D-day. I’ll make them both at a later date along with several other early Allied jets.

In short, the T First Prototype is effectively a T with increased armor and hit points at the expense of mobility and speed, or a Type 59 with reduced turret armor and penetration, increased upper hull plate and gun soft stats, and full matchmaking.

S imp ly put, we taught the matchmaker to see the difference between the Maus and JS -7, for example. Now, it balances them separately. How does it work? Along with balancing teams by vehicle classes artillery, light tanks, and tank destroyers and Platoons, the matchmaker now looks into the intended roles each tank plays in combat and ensures each side has a similar number of vehicles that play the same role.

Of course, their exact number might differ, but this difference is one vehicle at the most. The State of Matchmaking 9.

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Garbad Reviews the T First Prototype (fTanks) Alternatively, they could just increase its base speed to 56, give it limited matchmaking, increase its ammo count, improve its turret, increase its view range/loader, and call it a Type Yeah.

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Premium tank shopping guide: USSR T-54 First Prototype

Nothing seems to be working. Then I try to mix it up with some tanks I normally do well in, but they all seem to have suddenly stopped working also. In these circumstances, I always seem to gravitate towards the same place.

Nov 24,  · This is the first of big content patches we’ve got planned for the upcoming year. It’s been a month already, so it’s time for new game mode, new map for it, new weapon, vehicle and uniform among other things.

Public Test of 7. The public test of 7. Below is the changelog for the upcoming major update. In order to take part in test, visit the respective WoT website and follow the instructions there. World of Tanks v. An extremely important feature which is the heart of 7. It creates the basis for future merge of global map and server selection. Permanent camos – for gold, fixed period of time camos – for credits. Test mode of horns, haven’t decided on them so far. For tiers 4, 6, and 8 added special restrictions on SPGs Special restrictions on LTs will be added in the next public test update.

Both are temporary available in Store for testing purposes.

World of Tanks T-54 first prototype – 6 Kills 7,2K Damage

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